Take advantage of the many different programs in our 88-degree warm water pool!


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Full Class Schedule

We offer a variety of pool classes to suit our client's needs. Escape from gravity with non-impact Burdenko H2O, challenge yourself in Power Water and Water Interval, or have a blast during Aquafit.

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Open Exercise

Work with one-on-one with a personal trainer to develop an independent exercise program based on the Burdenko Method. This is exercise in the water without any swimming. You don't need to know how to swim to be successful with this type of exercise.  Experience the 3-Fold Power of Water: Assists, Supports, and Resists!

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Lap Swimming

Enjoy swimming laps? Training for a Triathlon? Looking for an alternative to the usual treadmill workout? We have hours dedicated for lap swimming in the pool every day.

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Swim Lessons & Stroke Development

The Mashpee Fitness Center offers Swim Lessons throughout the year. We also offer clinics and private sessions to develop your swim stroke ideal for Triathletes and Competitive Swimmers - both novice and experienced! These highly individualized coached workouts focus on stroke development and technique so you can move smoothly through the water and most importantly... faster!

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